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Optimizing your Lifetime value (LTV) and ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) while trying to minimize your Cost Per Install (CPI) in your marketing campaigns is the major challenge for app and game developers.

We work with several major game publishers from around the world such as Rollic Games, SuperSonic Studios, Voodoo and have helped them increase their LTV and ARPDAU by increasing competition in their waterfall and providing a significant fill rate (or win rate).

Let’s Dive Deeper

By joining your mediation platform (e.g. Applovin MAX, IronSource) as a network, we compete for the inventory in order to increase yield.

We strive to make use of every tool Google Ad Manager 360 provides to improve your ad revenues: 

  • Open bidding: With GAM 360, we can compete 10-12 partners with Google for every impression. This translates into a higher level of competition, price pressure, and better revenues.
  • Optimized price floors: We utilize optimization tools only exclusive to GAM 360 in order to maximize CPMs.
  • Bid reports: We optimize price floors and bids according to GAM 360 bid reports, which help us understand which price points will work best for your inventory.
  • GAM Data Transfer Files (Raw Data): This is a vast data set for each auction that is run for each of your impressions. We work on these files to understand fundamental factors that improve your ad inventory performance.

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