The ad unit is changing,
and you are invited.

Archon Unity is a revolutionary ad tech product that enables publishers turn unused impressions into profit by leveraging; NLP, ML and programmatic advertising technologies as well as design. Sounds kind of like alchemy, yes, but a bit better because it actually works.

Milestone Update

20% CTR, 15% CPM increase in the initial alpha tests.

What is Archon Unity?

The point is to catch users’ eye; by showing relevant and useful content within the ad unit in order to mitigate ad blindness.

Why you need it?

Minimizing ad blindness results in more interaction with the ads, which translates into better CTRs, therefore CPMs and ad revenues.


Archon Unity does not require cookies thanks to NLP and ML technologies, which enables you to be ready for the cookieless era.


Better direct sales
Upgrade your direct sales strategy by offering contextual targeting to Advertisers.


CWV Improved
All Archon Unity banners are made with Core Web Vitals standards in mind.


Better SERP & CLS Scores
Say goodbye to layout shifts on ad units. Archon Unity comes ready with placeholders for your ad units.


Better User Experience

Archon Unity improves user experience by showing the right content in the right context, with visually pleasing banners instead of run of the mill adverts.


Brand Safety
Precise brand safety, with content and context in mind, powered by NLP and ML.

How it works?

Content Crawled

Archon Unity crawls all URLs and sends this data to NLP for analysis

Category Analysis




Sentiment Analysis

+0,2 (positive sentiment)

-0,2 to +0,2 (neutral sentiment)

-0,3 or lower (negative sentiment)

Analysis results sent to Google Ad Manager using key values

Google Ad Manager

Car maker brand campaign:

Target automotive articles with positive sentiment

Traffic accident article:

show banner related to traffic awareness

Travel blog:

Display weekly weather related to the region in
the contect.

News of military conflicts:

show banner related to traffic awareness

Art & culture content:

Target automotive articles with positive sentiment

Fast, compatible...

An Archon Unity loop (examine - consider - define - serve) happens in under 300 milliseconds. Archon Unity is 100% Google Ad Manager compatible. Works with different ad servers as well. You can specify color themes and fonts for the content banners to make everything compatible with your design.

... and has good company!

The product is backed by an awesome support team ready to help you out on your first go.

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