We offer top-to-bottom operation services, from ad server setup, campaign management, and ad slot integration to creative audits, and open auction optimization.

Diverse expertise



With a diverse field of expertise, our ad operations team can provide:




Ad integration and optimization services:

Perform audits to check if your ad units are integrated into your website or app properly, then provide suggestions that help improve ad performance. We also assist you in implementing the confirmed changes. Offer the best-suited ad tech alternatives for your website or app (e.g. header bidding wrapper, outstream video solution, native advertising). Test different pricing floor strategies to increase yield. Collect first-party data and make it available to your advertisers via alternative channels.


Direct sales campaign management services:

Set up and manage your direct sales campaigns to achieve a fluent campaign completion process where your advertisers and agencies meet their KPIs. 


Performance Metrics Monitoring:

Provide quarterly insights on key metrics such as CTR, CPC, measurability, and viewability along with suggestions that will help you improve these metrics.

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