Every publisher is unique with different strategies, needs, issues, and opportunities. Thus, we see our consulting services as the major service we provide. We are not an all-go publisher network that sends you “the new tags” and sits back. 

We approach our new publisher from several different perspectives in order to:

  • Understand their needs and current ad setup/strategy.
  • Investigate the website or app to identify critical issues.
  • Construct an action plan that addresses those issues.
  • Come up with opportunities that can add the most value.
  • Define a vision that will help us create an ideal ecosystem.

Understanding Publisher Needs and Current Ad Setup / Strategy

That is an example of how we analyze a publisher:

After discussing with our new publisher the current setup, we identify primary issues and opportunities to provide an uplift.

Identifying Critical Issues That Affect Ad Performance and User Experience

We aim to determine loopholes and bottlenecks that bring down our publisher’s advertising performance and/or user experience. Each ad unit and the website (or app) all together are analyzed to identify issues and opportunities.

Envisioning an ideal ecosystem in accordance with our publisher’s strategy

Assuming the role of a friendly outsider, we challenge our publisher to create a momentum that will vitalize communication and workflow. After the analysis is conducted, we agree on an action plan that aims to envision and implement a future where best practices, custom ad strategies, and continuous improvement becomes part of the company culture. 

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