For the third-party data subjects in connection with our Publishers;

Within the context of Archon business model, what kind of personal data are collected and how?


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from the Website and stored on your computer by your web browser while you are browsing. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information or to record your browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).

Not every cookie is used for advertising purposes; they may be used to ease the user experience and for similar reasons. Third-party cookies, such as Criteo, Google Ads, RTB House may also be used, as well as 1st party cookies that can be tracked directly by us.

Cookies collect information such as the website content you visit, the keyword searches you’ve made, the products you’re interested in, and the ads you’re interacting with.

Tracking Pixels

With the help of a pixel of 1×1, the users can be classified according to the pages visited by the user. For example; If you are interested in financial news and have visited the financial news three times or more, you may be shown some finance ads by concluding that you are seriously interested in finance.

Targeting made by means of third-party servers or data platforms

Some publishers may place cookies on your browser or your computer, whether for advertising or non-advertising, beyond our knowledge or control. As we do not have access to these cookies, we would like to underline that we have no responsibility for them.

For Archon Looks Users;

As an Archon Looks User, what kind of personal data is collected and how?

If you are a real person accepted to the Archon PH Network, we collect and store full name, address, tax number or T.R. identification number, bank and branch name, IBAN, e-mail address, phone number, Archon Looks username and password and other relevant data so that we can meet our obligations under our service contract made with your side. You can access and/or change all these data to the Archon Looks platforms.

If you are a legal entity user of Archon Looks Application, we may require you to collect a circular of signature and similar information and documents proving the above written information and representation of the real person representative acting on behalf of the legal entity.

For all the Platforms;

For which purposes do we collect your data?

We collect and process your personal data for fulfilling multiple legal or contractual requirements such as but not limited to:

  • to provide online behavioral advertising services,
  • to analyze the visitor behavior to improve our products, your user experience and our marketing strategies,
  • to respond to your requests or questions,
  • to keep you informed about our privacy policy and services and products,
  • to comply with legal requirements.


How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data is kept for as long as the above written storage, collection and processing purposes continue and are required by law; it will be anonymized or deleted at the moment when the purposes or legal obligations are no longer in force.

To whom do we transfer your personal data?

We also use some third-party services that use cookies or similar tracking tools to help our business model achieve its goal and thus provide you with a better and more customized experience, and for marketing, statistical analysis, auditing and reporting purposes. Currently, we use Google Ad Manager / AdX, Adform, Appnexus, Criteo, Index, Pubmatic, RTB House, Rubicon, Smart Ad Server, Taboola, to accomplish these goals; but please note that they may change over time. We sign a partnership agreement with these third parties; however, we would like to underline that we are not responsible for the privacy policies that these individuals apply with their services.

Your personal data may be shared with the real or legal persons, business partners and group companies within the framework of confidentiality agreements and public institutions or organizations, the courts and the lawyers and auditors who are authorized to request these data under the applicable law. We will try to protect your personal data within the non-disclosure agreements to be made with third parties.

If Archon is involved in a transaction arising with the consequence of a change in control of Archon (i.e. merger, acquisition, asset sale, etc.), we may share your information with the third party with a non-disclosure agreement.

Where do we keep your personal data?

All the personal data you provide are stored on the servers located on the platforms mentioned above or on the secure servers provided by other third parties.

What are your rights under data protection law?


Application and Complaint

You have the right to;

a) Learn whether or not your personal data have been processed;

b) Request information as to processing if your data have been processed;

c) Learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose;

d) Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;

e) Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately; request deletion or destruction of personal data and request notification of these transactions to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

f) Object to occurrence of any result that is to your detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems;

g) Request compensation for the damages in case the person incurs damages due to unlawful processing of personal data

by applying to us whenever you wish.


Deleting or Cancelling the Cookies

You are authorized to delete cookies or to refuse cookies. However, deleting all cookies may cause you to be unable to access certain services on the websites, and we would like to point out that instead of seeing personalized ads, you will continue to see general ads that don’t appeal to your interests.

You may change your browser and/or PC settings to prevent the cookies.

The deletion of cookies collected through or making them untargetable may only be possible via the data management service we use.


Please note that despite all the high-level measures taken by us, it is not possible to guarantee the security of the information we obtain through Archon Platforms. In this context, in the event of any exposure of your personal data to third parties or illegal modification or usage resulted from a cyber-attack or unlawful action outside of Archon’s control occurs, you agree that Archon and its executives shall not be held liable for any other responsibility than notifying you in 72 hours following the moment they realize such infringement.

Amendments to our Policy

Archon reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions set forth under this Privacy Policy. In the event of a change or cancellation, you will be notified as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions about this Privacy Policy or want to make an application regarding your personal data, you may contact us via sending e-mail or via sending postal mail to the address of Ortabayır Mah. Dereboyu Cad. No:6 Kat:2 D:15 Levent Life Residence 1, 34413 Kağıthane/İstanbul.

Archon will make the maximum effort to fulfill your demands as soon as possible.