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And get paid in CRYPTO in3 easy steps

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are the millennial instrument of payments. To provide our publishers with the ability to receiveGoogle Adsense /Google Ad Managerrevenues in crypto, we made the necessary infrastructure investments that provide payments in most of the leading cryptocurrencies such asBitcoin,Ethereum, andUSDT.

You will enjoy the existing perks of joining Archon PH(such as 20% to 40% revenue uplift, direct sales, campaign management, etc.) and getting paid in crypto to your favourite wallet.

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Ready, Set, Crypto!

You only need these three easy steps in order to start receiving your revenue in crypto:

Accept the invitation sent to your Adsense / Ad Manager account.

Our adops team will invite you to Archon PH Ad Manager and assist you for the next steps. (e.g. Ads.txt update, Slack channel invite, ad tag integration)

Define the share of the coins you want us to convert.

At the end of the month you can choose your preferred conversion rate (e.g. 50% USD, 50% Bitcoin).

Provide us your wallet address and start receiving your revenues!

Our payment term is 24 days. (e.g. April revenue is paid on May 24th)



We validate your wallet address by making a small transfer and asking you to confirm the amount.



We pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Please contact us for other alternatives.



You can customize your next payment ratio every month.

Why work with us?

We are a Google MCM, an international saleshouse and an ad tech developer, managing 60 billion ad impressions per month from around the world.

We work with top publishers worldwide such as Microsoft, Rollic Games, and Supersonic.

We are also established in Dubai, the crypto friendly city.

Enjoy receiving your revenues in
new, shiny coins

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