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After you have filled the application form on our site, our team will evaluate the suitability of your site, then will return to you and share detailed information about the process.

Google AdX provides higher demand by consolidating numerous DSPs not in the Adsense network. Google AdX, with highly advanced and detailed reporting tools compared to Adsense, enable you to use control and flexibility with detailed targeting options on inventory.  For detailed information please refer to our article on GoogleAdX/AdManager.

First of all, mastering AdX/Ad Manager requires significant effort. Getting used to the ever changing U/I, tools and optimization techniques requires a skilled team dedicated team to programmatic management. It is tedious work on a daily basis. 

Moreover, Google offers AdX to a select portion of the publishing world. It may be really difficult to get an AdX Account, especially for small/medium sized publishers. 
Archon is a certified Google AdX partner and one of the few companies entitled to use SPM (Scaled Partner Management), meaning we can apply for adding your website to our AdX account if you don’t have one. 

If you do have an AdX account, we are confident that we will increase your revenues by a minimum of 20% (expect 30% to 50%) thanks to our highly capable optimization and day to day efforts detailed above.

Archon PH manages more than a 100 publishers from a single platform. Through SPM, every publisher working with us can benefit from advantages of Google AdX and the programmatic deals we conduct with major agencies.

We are also proud to say that we have been among the top to test new features, beta versions Google introduces. You can see an example here, regarding the Whitepaper Google prepared about Archon PH’s implementation and usage of DFP Audience. 

The Google publisher form is a registration for your connection to our Google ad network. This form, which is not an obligation for the publisher, allows our cooperation to take place on a legal basis and thus to secure your earnings.

If the owner of websites is same, you do not need to fill out separate form.

Ads.txt or Authorized Digital Sellers, enable you to specify authorized sellers on your site and prevents fake inventory from being sent to advertisers. For this reason, sites with ads.txt are more preferred by advertisers.

Even if you do not have to create ads.txt file right now, in programmatic advertising industry, where advertising fraud is an important problem, we predict that ads.txt file, which is easy to implement, will be mandatory in near future.

You can check the suitability of your site's advertising experience via, and check whether there are any arrangements you need to make.

You can constantly monitor your earning via ArchonLooks platform. Also according to your request, more detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports will be provided by Google.

Reports generated according to Pacific Time.

Revenue in Google reports is gross. At the end of the month, we deduct our commission from this amount and send bill to publisher.

Invalid traffic deduction is deduction of revenue which earned via pages which violates Google policy. End of each month Google deducts revenue accordingly amount of these pages.
Main reasons can be summarized as; adult content, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, copyright violation, content containing violence, or improper behaviour of the site. Also ad fraud and bot traffic can cause deductions.

Google Adx/AdManager provides us monthly payments, just like Adsense. So payment for previous month will be paid at the end of next month. For instance, September revenue will be paid on 22-25th of the October. 

Payment terms of our other partners vary between 45 and 90 days.

Our Monthly payment treshold is 100 USD. If you couldn’t reach payment treshold, your income will be added next month.

Yes. You can select your customer type as “Personal” on ArchonLooks platform and enter your necessary payment information.

You can get your payment via Wire Transfer by including your bank account information.

You can increase your revenue by using advantages of working other SSPs;
1- We are filling your remaining unfilled impressions with the powerful SSPs we work with, enabling you to monetize your entire inventory without missing a single impression.

2- We pick the SSPs that are strong in the geography your audience belongs to, so you can have higher CPMs for any site that operates anywhere around the globe. Hence, you get the opportunity to touch local demand and increase your CPMs and fill rates.

3- You will have the flexibility to work with any SSP partner we work with and reap the benefits of using different value added SSP technologies through a single partner.

You can use Outstream video ads in order to serve video ads without video content.Outstream video ads generates additional revenue with lower fill rates and higher CPMs, not harming the user experience.
Please click to get more information about Outstream video and serve Outstream ads via our partner,

Native Advertising is an alternative monetization tool that lets you;
  • Increase your traffic using advanced algorithms. The recommendation engine skims through your website and tracks user behaviour in order to show relevant content to the your audience at the end of the article, thereby increasing site visit times and page views per visitor.
  • Increase your revenue by showing ads at the end of the article. According to your preference, we can show 60% content, 40% ads or vice versa, in order to create additional revenue from these slots.
 Native ads are a type of paid ads which are placed like a part of the content of a web page, similar to social media feeds. As native ads aren’t perceived like banner ads, they provide non disruptive experience to user which is the underlying feature of native advertising.

Advantages of Native Ads;

Non-distruptive User Experience > High Interaction >High Memorability > High Conversion and  Scability> High CPMs

Native reklamlar hakkında daha detaylı bilgiye ulaşmak ve dilerseniz websitenizde native reklam gösterimine başlamak için lütfen tıklayınız.

For more detailed information about Native ads and to start serving native ad on your site, please click here .

The European Union’s ('EU') new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), regulates the processing by an individual, a company or an organisation of personal data relating to individuals in the EU.

Unlike general belief, GDPR covers all publishers around the world, even if you are located outside EU. As long as someone from the EU visits your website, you are under risk. Moreover, similar regulations are expected to be enforced all over the world, starting with the United States.

For ePrivacy non compliant companies and platforms, substantially large fines are causing a massive threat. A fine of €20 million or 4% of annual turnover will be a significant amount for any company to have to pay.

In order to obtain and manage user consent for data processing more easily and become GDPR compliant, tools called “Consent Management Platform” (CMP) built on top of the IAB’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework.

You can start using GDPR solution product of our partner, Usercentrics, to be GDPR compliant and to eliminate your site from possible risks.

Following your application, our optimization specialists will contact you directly.

If it is the first time you’re contacting us, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

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