Frequently Asked Questions


What is your greatest advantage in programmatic advertising? What would be the advantages of working with Archon PH? What’s the catch? Why should I work with Archon PH? Why would I work with you?

Do you make agency deals? Is programmatic the only channel to sell my inventory? Do you provide other revenue streams? (direct sales, PG, PD)

Do I have to give you control of all of my ad placements? How much control will Archon PH have over my advertising ecosystem?

I have an app/website that carries a lot of potential, can you help me gain traffic?

How consistent is your payment schedule? When do I receive my earnings? How about payments?

Is Google Ad Manager the only method to monetize with you?

Can you help your publishers with site-blocking issues?

Are there any additional benefits of working with Archon PH?

When can I start working with you? When should I expect positive outcomes?

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