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We are working with global leaders in the programmatic advertising arena in order to achieve an optimal level of revenue for our publishers.

We are experts on Google AdX

We’re working with Google, the SSP with the largest advertiser pool. We are one of the very few companies entitled to use NPM (Network Partner Management) in Turkey, Archon manages many different websites from a single platform. Through NPM, every publisher working with us can can be integrated to special-priced pools via Preffered Deals and Private Market Place. Thus, we help our publishers to get higher average unit costs and increase their revenue.


Adform provides pure performance driven technology for results oriented publishers. Denmark based company brings the industry’s most publisher-centric ecosystem for putting your inventory to work.


An US based SSP which delivers advanced controls that can help publishers to maximize their revenues via mobile, desktop, native, and even video. Appnexus provides DSP and Adserver products as well.


Criteo is a high technology re-targeting firm which shows related ads to users by using certain algorithms. In addition to their powerful DSP, they are operating at the publisher’s side as a SSP.

Index Exchange

USA based global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies sell their ad impressions transparently and in real time.


US based leading SSP that has been introducing a number of unique innovations to advertising. PubMatic allows publishers to access more than 400 demand side platforms, ad networks, and ad exchanges.

RTB House

RTB House offers digital advertising solutions worldwide. It is based on technology retargeting and real-time advertising on RTB models.

Rubicon Project/Fastlane

Rubicon Project helps publishers with effectively selling their ads better by connecting with premium buyers in one of the biggest ad marketplaces in the world. Its headquarters placed in US.


Smart is a French company which has a integrated ad management platform that includes real-time bidding, video and mobile.


The German technology provider Usercentrics built a CMP that aligns your business interests with your legal obligations regarding GDPR. Its fully flexible and customizable CMP solution lets you to create individual and custom interface for your users.


We are collaborating with focused on native video ad in the matter of video ad solutions.

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