How Archon PH Maximizes Your Revenue

Google Adx/Ad Manager is a complex and consolidated platform, linked with Adwords, numerous DSPs, and technology partners.

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Optimizing AdX/AdManager inventory requires significant know-how and daily analysis as it has a dynamic structure.

We combine our experience with our optimization techniques and apply frequent optimization to reach/ stay at optimal point:

price optimizasyon chart

Price Floor Optimization

  1. As Google applies second price auctions, price floor optimization is one of the most important processes of optimization process. We continuously apply pricing rule optimization according to the everchanging demand level, seasonality, CTR and viewability changes in order to keep your ad revenues at optimal.

  2. We optimize rCPM (eCPM x Fill rate) by adjusting price floors.
    • eCPM is only one half of the equation that determines your revenue. The 2nd half is fill rate. Our optimization is focused on rCPM, the combination of fill rate and eCPM. To exemplify consider the two scenarios below:
    • a. Let’s say you have 100,000 impressions available and you sell 100% at $0.50 eCPM. 100,000*100%*$0.50 eCPM/1000 = $50 in revenues.
      b. Let’s say you sell 25% of this 100,000 impressions at $3 eCPM.This results in 100,000*25%*$3.00 eCPM/1000 = $75. 50% more than the first scenario.
  3. We use unique ad tags for each placement on a page,  and set different price floors according to geography, device, advertisers etc. Hence the optimization is more granular and each ad placement gets the value it deserves.

  4. We’re filling your unsold/remnant inventory by using passback tags that belong to the SSPs we work with. This additional demand is crucial to increase your fill rate and revenue.

Preferred Deals

Through(thanks to) our close relationships with global agencies/trade desks (OMD/Accuen, Starcom/Vivaki, GroupM, Carat/AMNET etc.), we provide you preferred Deals with significantly higher CPMs when your inventory is well-match for advertisers/brands.

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seasonality section


The level of demand changes according to many different factors including but not limited to:

  1. The month itself (Demand is at its highest in Q4 and weakest in January)

  2. The week of the month (Weakest during 1st week and strongest in the last)

  3. Holidays and special occasions affect the level of demand substantially.


We succesfully segmented our audience by understanding needs and insights of agencies. We’ve associated DFP Audience (now Ad Manager) with programmatic selling and increased eCPMs by %40 and PMP volume by 50%. Google established a case study about us.

All of the above are quite overwhelming work for publishers. We take that effort off your shoulders and let you focus on your real business: Making your visitors happy, providing quality content for your audience and increasing your reach.

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