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At Archon Programmatic House, we believe that the core game of publishers is providing relevant / interesting / passionate content to their audience. In order to do that well, you need FOCUS. Managing programmatic advertising on a daily basis steals that off to a great extent. We give that FOCUS back to you by:


We manage over 4 billion ad impressions per month, utilizing high end optimization on a daily basis to maximize our publishers' revenues. Read more on our optimization

Letting you work with 20+ partners through 1, thus helping you create an ecosystem you otherwise cannot achieve without an expert programmatic team of 5+ people.


Sharing our know how regarding UI, technical integration, ad sizes, ad placements, viewability etc. in order to help you get the most out of your ecosystem.

Updating you on latest developments in programmatic to help you keep on track with latest trends.


Providing multiple channels from which you can keep track of your performance ( automated Google reports sent directly by Google) to provide transparency plus Archon Looks platform & app to let you check reports faster.

Programmatic advertising is our passion. We always look for better CPMS, higher fill rates and new opportunities for our 100+ publishers.

Google is our main programmatic partner. We have been working with them for many years and have significant experience on AdX/DFP (now Ad Manager) and Adsense.

In addition to Google, we work with global companies such as Appnexus, Criteo and Taboola to address all fields of programmatic advertising, like unfilled inventory, retargeting, native advertising, outstream video, GDPR, Better Ads Standards etc.

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Should you need more information, please see below out main products and offerings.
1. Google AdX/Ad Manager

Provides more ad spaces, more demand, better CPMs, higher fill rate and more control compared to Adsense More info on GoogleAdx/AdManager

2. Major SSPs

We work with SSPs such as Appnexus, Index Exchange, Pubmatic and Rubicon to increase eCPMs and monetize unfilled inventory. More info on SSPs

3. Native

Taboola, one of the global leaders in the native advertising industry, is our sole partner in native advertising environment. Taboola ensures a seamless integration, user friendly experience and high revenues with its quality content, publisher tools and intensive demand. More info on Taboola

4. Outstream Video

We work with the best in the field, More info on


User Centrics, the most powerful Consent Management Platform yet, helps us manage your EU traffic in line with GDPR. More info on Usercentrics

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Please feel free to contact us, if you have additional questions/inquiries