What Are the Advantages of Google AdX Over Google Adsense?
More Demand

While Adsense demand used to come from Google Adwords and Google Display Network only, with latest updates, Adsense covers most of the programmatic demand at the moment. Nevertheless, Google AdX provides higher demand by consolidating numerous DSPs not in the Adsense network. More demand means more competition which results in higher revenues for publishers.

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Control and Flexibility:

AdX provides more control and flexibility over your inventory by providing numerous(wide range of) tools;

1) Price Floors : We can set different price floors for each ad space, aiming for highest rCPM (eCPM x Fill Rate). Optimizing price floors requires deep industry knowledge and tedious day to day operations. That’s why we have advanced tools and an expert team doing that for you.

Anonymous section

2) Preferred deals: We have close relationships with global agencies/trade desks. (Carat/AMNET, OMD/Accuen, Starcom/Vivaki, GroupM etc.) When your inventory is a good match for a brand, we talk to the agencies who represent that brand in order to conduct a preferred deal, resulting in much higher CPMs for you.

3) Anonymous/Branded Inventory : According to your strategy, we can choose to make your inventory available as branded, semi-transparent or anonymous to buyers.


4) Advanced Targeting: In AdX we have capability to segment your inventory with various targeting segments such as; geography, device and audience. This results in higher rCPMs and better yields.

Passback Technology:

With AdX, we can monetize your unfilled inventory by setting up passback ads. It allows us to optimize by selling your remnant inventory to our other partners.

Advanced Reporting Tools

AdX has a sophisticated reporting tool compared to Adsense. While Adsense provide reports about pages,ad units and sizes, Google Adx  give detailed reports including also advertisers, buyer networks, devices etc., which allows better optimization.

Team work section

First of all, mastering AdX/Ad Manager requires significant effort. Getting used to the ever changing U/I, tools and optimization techniques requires a skilled team dedicated team to programmatic management. It is tedious work on a daily basis.

Moreover, Google offers AdX to a select portion of the publishing world. It may be really difficult to get an AdX Account, especially for small/medium sized publishers.

Archon is a certified Google AdX partner and one of the few companies entitled to use SPM (Scaled Partner Management), meaning we can apply for adding your website to our AdX account if you don’t have one.

If you do have an AdX account, we are confident that we will increase your revenues by a minimum of 20% (expect 30% to 50%) thanks to our highly capable optimization and day to day efforts detailed above.

Archon PH manages more than a 100 publishers from a single platform. Through SPM, every publisher working with us can benefit from advantages of Google AdX and the programmatic deals we conduct with major agencies

We are also proud to say that we have been among the top to test new features, beta versions Google introduces. You can see an example here, regarding the Whitepaper Google prepared about Archon PH’s implementation and usage of DFP Audience.

constant section
Constant Monitoring

In order to ease your experience with Adx, we created a platform, Archon Looks, available in web and in-app platforms. It enables publishers to follow revenue and performance on a daily basis. Additionally we provide daily reports that are directly sent by Google,in order to ensure transparency.

Payment section
Payment Terms

Google Adx/AdManager provides us monthly payments, just like Adsense. So payment for previous month will be paid at the end of next month. For instance, September revenue will be paid on 22-25th of the October.

Please fill out the form below to become our partner to enjoy all these benefits! We will also send you a detailed document regarding payment terms, our commission rates etc.

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